Mara is also an incredible Clinician. She is happy to help riders and groups of all ages and levels, and has a unique ability to use simple exercises that you can repeat at home to get the most out of your riding sessions. Even in the brief snapshot that a clinic offers, her riders find an increased confidence and better communication that continues long after the clinic is over. She available for clinics throughout the year dependent on her competition schedule. Keep an eye on for her regular trips to Destination Farm. Contact her for prices and information!

Mara is well known for her coaching ability, not only for her ability to help drop a dressage score, but also her talent at zoning in on the foundation issues that will help to improve your connection with your horse. Be prepared for an intense yet incredibly positive riding experience! She is available at many shows to warm you up and walk cross country, She is available for lessons at her farm in Round Hill through most of the year, as well as in Florida and South Carolina during the winter months. Please contact her for more information.

Mara's compassionate, accurate riding is just the ticket for all sorts of horses! She has a great reputation for not only being able to make your horse more rideable and competitive after a tune-up, but she also has an excellent competition record when asked to help negotiate a training issue or problem. She regularly competes others young horses in the popular YEH classes as well as keeps other top-level riders horses going when the need arises. For details and pricing contact Mara.




Mara DePuy Eventing