Mara's horses work hard while on the road competing, so their home base is set up to be as much of a relaxing home for them as possible. Deeply bedded stalls with open windows and open stall doors invite horses to relax and be themselves. In fact, horses who are shy or insecure tend to find their inner personalities here, while those with plenty of personality to begin with are allowed to feel like Kings! Below the barns and behind the paddocks is the retiree field, where past competitors live out their days knee high in lush Virginia grass, basking in the sun during nice weather and loafing in their shed during storms.

Willow Bend Farm

As you turn in to the slowly winding driveway that leads you to Willow Bend, you can't help but feel the peacefulness of the location.   Paddocks with sleek, fit competition horses line the driveway and the barn windows are filled with curious faces. Set amid the rolling hills of beautiful Round Hill Virginia, Willow Bend is a small facility, set up first and foremost for the horses. An eight stall main barn, 4 stall shedrow and retiree run-in shed provides home to the horses. An outdoor arena with rubber footing, a cross country schooling field, with miles of trails and fields provide the perfect site to train.